“This day was made by the Lord; let us rejoice and be glad.”

Psalm 118

SOS! The Casa needs face masks!   

Can you help us keep the people of the Casa safe? The Sisters serve 800 meals per day, and need more face masks! Can you sew a few? Or this company will deliver a pack of 12 for $24.99 plus tax: https://stores.customink.com/health-wellness/products/1842

You can deliver face masks to 6432 Cardeno Drive, La Jolla, CA 92037.

The need for food continues to be great

Sister Armida requests FOOD and EXTRA MONEY for medicines. They specifically need:

  • Tuna, peanut butter, spam, canned milk, oatmeal, high-protein food
  • Warm sweaters in good condition for men and babies
  • Towels and blankets

What is it like to try to feed 800 people a day with social distancing?

The Sisters and the helpers are working day, and even into the night, to provide a safe Man disinfecting handsenvironment and safe food for the hundreds of hungry people who come to the Casa for food during this crisis.

  • All of the meals are now served in a bag — which takes extra time and money. The workers wear gloves, masks, and observe all safety precautions.
  • Those who come for food also wash their hands and are taught sanitary procedures.

The Clinic is open and there are no cases of the virus at the Casa! Special celebrations must wait for this panic to end.

Sister Armida writes, “Thanks be to God, we are fine here. We pray and Bless our Lord for His mercy and ask Him to wrap everyone suffering in the Palm of His Hand and eternal rest grant to the souls who have died during this pandemic.”

From the people of the Casa who are depending on you

“Thanks for all the blessings. Thank God because through Him you were able to make this possible, so that we have our daily bread. Almighty God continue to bless you, so that you may bless us.” R.J.

“Thank you for your donations. May God keep you and give you more because there are few people in the world like you. And thanks to people like you, we can eat all that’s necessary to be healthy. Thank you very much!”  Jaime M.

“I have a disease that has no cure. I take one pill daily thanks for Casa de los Pobres who is helping me with my medication. The Sisters help me a lot. God bless you abundantly!”  F.J.

“Thank you for all the donations at Casa. Thank you donors of good heart, and God bless you always. With all my heart.” Ciraco J.

The Sisters instill hope and treat each individual with a tenderness, respect, and love that can only come from God. The undercurrent of JOY amid so much destitution, illness, and now this virus is felt by anyone who visits the Casa. 

Thank you for your generosity to God’s poor

Your generosity in April provided $46.555.44 from 84 donors! Several of these gifts were very large: a $10,000 gift, $5,000 from the San Diego Foundation Michael and Dawn House fund, $1,500 from the Colleen and Dean Dwyer fund at the Catholic Community Foundation and several others.

The Holy Hour and exposition of the Blessed Sacrament on Thursdays will resume once the virus has abated. The people chant praise and thanksgiving to God for your intentions and special prayer requests. Please send us your special intentions.

Sister says, “We and the people are very grateful for all you do to help the Casa, and we ask you for daily prayers, so that we may have strength to serve the people and give glory to God.”

Everything you donate is used immediately, and virtually all of your donations go directly to serve the needs of the people. We have no overhead, except for minimal fees rom PayPal and credit card donations. Tax receipts are available upon request.

No one is ever turned away from the Casa. The people and the Sisters thank you for your open hearts.


Urgent Need for Non-Perishable Food Now!

Can you help us in this most-urgent time of need? 

Sister Armida says the Casa is out of food. Many more are coming to eat during the coronavirus crisis, and the Sisters are having difficulty keeping up with the demand.

Our drop-off location at 6432 Cardeno Drive, La Jolla 92037 hasn’t received any food or other donations for at least two weeks.  Can you help us during this urgent need for food?

We specifically need:

  • Tuna, peanut butter, canned milk, tomato sauce, canned vegetables, assorted pasta

Your donations can be left outside the door at 6432 Cardeno Drive. If you don’t want to personally shop for these items, you can have them shipped directly to our drop-off address.

Thank you for your generosity during this crisis.

“Those who are generous are blessed, for they share their bread with the poor”

Psalm 22:9

“Alberto, 32 years old, and Cristina, 28, live in a suburban colony distant from the city of Tijuana. Their conditions of living are very poor. They have a boy 3 years old, and recently a baby girl was born premature. The father is a mason worker and earns very little to support the family. The newborn baby, Rosita, was in the incubator for a month, had intestinal surgery, then eye surgery.

“The couple came to the Casa in tears, telling their story. Because of the care for Rosita, both take turns to care for her, so the father cannot go to work. They are so desperate and sad. Alberto has been begging to have money for transportation to and from the hospital, trusting in Divine Providence so they can have something to eat. Now the baby is at home after the second eye surgery, and they need eye medication. Continue reading

“A little bit of mercy makes the world less cold and more just.”

quote from Pope Francis

“Sergio Z. is 19 and currently studying and working part-time. He is very thankful that the Casa de los Pobres is helping and supporting him with food and scholarships. He wishes to thank the Sisters who have helped him and his family, to the Casa volunteers, and to the Father who is always helping everyone. He thanks all of the benefactors for their help! Sergio hopes to be able to continue with school and one day, give back to others.” Continue reading

Jesus is the Face of the Poor

2 kids with Christmas toysTHANK YOU FOR HEARING THE CRY OF THE POOR!  May God bless you for your generous donations to help those living in the slums of Tijuana during this holy season.

You made Christmas a time of JOY for our brothers and sisters in Christ who endure harsh poverty. Those who receive the Christmas gifts have nothing. They live in the dumps on windy hills, and have no running water. Electricity is scarce, delivered via extension cords strung from house to house. Men, women, and children suffer from malnutrition and lung diseases caused by the continual breathing of polluted burning garbage fumes. Continue reading

“Blessed are the poor; the kingdom of heaven is theirs.”

Luke 6:20

“Senora Virginia S., a widow of 52 years old, comes to Casa de los Pobres. For many years, she worked frying pork. The heat so affected her eyes, that she is totally blind. She never saw a specialist. Her youngest daughter Ruby is 14 years old and in the 7th grade. After school, she works in a grocery store and earns $3.00 US per day. After this, she prepares dinner for her mother and then does her homework. What worries Virginia is not having enough money to give her daughter Ruby food to eat and help her go to school. The house where they live is located at the railroad tracks invasion location, is made of wood, and doesn’t have electricity or running water. We are sending Virginia to see an eye specialist, and we are providing school aid for Ruby. They are very grateful!” Continue reading

“No good is ever done without some cost and pain to the doer.”

Bishop Fulton Sheen

From grateful children who received school supplies on distribution day, Hector writes: “I want to express how thankful I am for the support you have given us today, thank you for all the school supplies and the backpack. It is really helpful to us, especially to my dad since he lost his job and cannot afford all the school expenses. May God bless you everywhere and every single day and multiply all the blessings that you have given us today. Thank you so much.”

“Thank you so much for helping me with school supplies. We are a low income family and this is helping us so much, especially to our kids because they were given all the materials to keep studying, learning, and become better persons, and to be prepared for the future. Thank you, God bless.”  Miguel R. Continue reading

“Support the weak, be patient with all; seek to do what is good for each other and for all men.”

Thessalonians 5:14-15  3 scholarship recipients

Sister Armida writes about the children who receive help from the Casa: “Little students who may not have electricity to do their homework go out to sell candy, donuts, flowers, help make bricks, collect in the dumps, and often cry because they are hungry.”

“It is amazing how some of these children are able to get good grades and keep up in school, as the tendency is to leave the classroom and go out to work so young. Some mothers are handicapped, some grandparents are taking care of the children.  Many mothers are sick, or work cleanng houses or caring for the young children.” Continue reading

“He gave freely to the poor; his righteousness will endure forever.”

From 12-year-old Rubi, whose mother died when she was two, and her father is unknown.  A good neighbor adopted her and her brother.  They are poor, humble, and HARD workers.  “I want to thank the Sisters and everyone that forms part of Casa de los Pobres for all the support through all these years. Thank you for everything that I have received such as shoes, food, and apparel. I am beyond grateful to you. Thanks for not only helping me but also many more people. I have done my Baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation here, and now we’re a big family that will never disappear. People are really grateful for all the support we get from the Casa. Thank you so much for everything.”  

How You Can Help

SPECIAL REQUESTS:  more school supplies, especially shoes and socks.  Continue reading