“He has cast down the mighty from their thrones and lifted up the lowly.”

Luke 1:52

older woman  Mrs. Marie Elena Lopez, age 75, came to the Casa de los Pobres the beginning of July, saying her husband died 4 months ago. They rented a small house and had no children. After her husband’s death, she could not pay the rent and begged the owner of the small house to let her live there a few more months, while she found the means to pay or find a job. One day, she left to look for a job washing clothes or cleaning a house.  When she returned, she found the door closed and her belongings outside in the street.  She had some things of sentimental value still inside, but could not get them back.  

She cried very much and was so worried, but then she thought, “we take nothing with us from this world except the good deeds that we do during our life.”  

She started walking to look for help.  A good person allowed her to sleep in her house.  The next day she found a small room where she can live, but she needed to pay the first month’s rent right away, and she had no money.

She said some people recommended that she come to Casa de los Pobres. She came and said, “I am here waiting for God to help me through this Casa.”  We gave her money for the rent, her card pass for clinic care, and a card for Bodega Day. She left happy, thanking God and the Casa, and said when she gets settled in her new room, she will come and volunteer to help others at the Casa. She does not need “things” and knows she is old but can still be helpful. (from Sister Gudelia)

Education is the Key to Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Sister Armida so appreciates the scholarship donations!  studentsOne of the girls is starting college!  (How great is that?)  If you can help Sponsor a Student, you’ll help break the cycle of poverty for these children.

School increases dignity in the children by giving them a proper education in the “3 R’s”, while the Sisters instruct them in the important spiritual tenets of our Faith. The Nuns (with your donations) help and assist over 500 students with school supplies and other necessities. With the Scholarship Fund money, the Sisters find ever more worthy students who truly desire to study and improve their life situation. The students discover vocation goals and work toward them. It is an exciting time of life for these dedicated children!

How You Can Help

SPECIAL REQUESTS continue to be school supplies, shoes, and socks for children.

There is always a need for staple food, vitamins, and the basics — toilet paper, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo — things we take for granted.


The old, infirm, and mentally ill have no means of support and comfort as do most of us in the U.S.  For the young or middle-aged, the Casa is a positive transition haven until they find a job.  Your donations help the Sisters supply support, comfort, and food.  

Please pray for these people, as they pray for us.


We sent $14,000.87 to our Franciscan Missionaries from 57 donors this month.  

San Rafael Parish in Rancho Bernardo contributed two full truck loads of school supplies along with $2,500!

Thank you for your gifts of bedding, school supplies, and food. These donations brighten the lives of those who come to the Casa.  The people thank God daily before breakfast for the special blessings you make possible in their lives.

We have NO expenses other than minimal PayPal and credit card charges.  Your donations go directly to the poor. No one is ever turned away from the Casa.


“When you give to the poor, you are bearing fruit which you will gather in for yourself, since the reward for good deeds goes to those who perform them.”

St. Basil the Great

“Jose Luis Perez, 78, a widower, came to the Casa in July, saying he was feeling very sick.  He suffers high blood pressure with swelling and pain in both knees. Jose was very tired, because he walked for 3 hours. For 3 days, he had no medication nor money to buy it, nor had he eaten for 2 days.  

“He said, ‘Sister, I come sick, no medicines, no food, much pain and high blood pressure.  Please just give me a tablet for blood pressure and something to eat. I had only one son, who was my companion, and he worked to give me food.  Someone killed him, and now I am alone, sick, and hungry.’

“After taking care of his immediate needs, we gave him a card/pass to come on Thursdays to get food (Bodega Day), and also a Clinic Card. After the doctor took care of him very immediately, he left tranquil. He said, ‘THANK YOU for all you gave me! I came with such pain and suffering, but also with the hope that God will help me through this.’  He is following the advice of the doctor and coming to get his food and is grateful.”  Sr. Gudelia, Social Services

How can you help

SPECIAL REQUESTS:  school supplies, backpacks, shoes, and socks

The Nuns encourage study, and parents understand the importance of school. The Sisters who teach classes in the Colonias of Santa Julia and the Railroad/Dumps report good press with children eager to learn. Many who received scholarship aid are now nurses, lawyers, and business people. These successful adults were destitute children when they came to the Casa some years ago.

  • In July, 26 scholarship aids were given to students.

The need for FOOD and the BASICS (toilet paper, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo) — the little things we take for granted — is every present.  

The difference you help make by supporting the Casa

The Sisters serve a substantial dinner-like breakfast each morning, and provide whatever extra food they have for a lunch in the patio.  The men, women, and children thank God daily before breakfast for the blessings that YOU make possible in their lives. They pray for all of us daily.

  • In July, 22,658 people of all ages were served hot meals in the Casa Dining Room, along with many handouts of food.

There are “learning jobs” at the Casa:  cooking, washing dishes, helping to package and distribute groceries on “Bodega Day”, assisting in the clothing room, or driving the truck. These people earn a bag of groceries (on Thursday), plus a small stipend for their work. In this way, they are able to maintain their families with a sense of dignity. The love, support, and training given by the Sisters builds confidence. Your donations accomplish this.

  • THANK YOU for your generous donations of $16,122.78 from 54 families.
  • Thank you for bedding and FOOD.  
  • Special thanks to All Hallows Church for the many bags of donated school supplies (backpacks, notebooks, pencils, and all that good stuff).  
  • An extra donation of $6,442.24 was given through the RU7A Chula Vista Cycling Club. They sponsor an event each July to support the Casa.

Thank you one and all!  Your financial donations keep the people who come to the Casa from hunger, and help support vital services in the Medical Clinic. 

No one is ever turned away.  Tax receipts are available upon request.  We have no expenses except minimal PayPal and credit card fees.


“Happy the man who considers the poor and the weak. The Lord will save him on the day of evil.”

Psalm 40

“From my part and from all my little patients, MANY THANKS for your continued support to Casa de los Pobres. With your help, we have been able to attend them from Monday to Friday, all the sick little children that come here, and be able to find soon the sicknesses on time and, if necessary, send them for hospital care.  The most cases are malnutrition, diarrhea, bronchitis, pneumonia, parasites, skin problems, and treating them on time. I had control of nutrition because of low weight triplet girls.  Now, they are four years old and in the normal weight range. I also see children with cerebral paralysis. Thank you.”  Dr. Norma Ramirez, Pediatrician

“I am a general medicine doctor, collaborator in Casa de los Pobres, and am grateful to all friends and benefactors for their valuable support that they give to the Casa.   Continue reading

“What is this new earth? A good heart, a heart like the earth, which drinks up the rain that falls on it and yields a rich harvest”

Guadalupe is a 44-year-old widow from Veracruz. She came to the Casa very desperate and angished, as her husband recently died from a fall while working on a high ladder.  She has 5 young children.  Her husband’s work manager would not take any responsibility for the accident.  Guadalupe works cleaning houses when possible, but her children are small, and she has no one to help her care for them. They all live in one small room, but at least they are together.  She receives clothes, food on Thursdays, and Clinic services for herself and the children.  In September, the three children who go to school will receive backpacks, school supplies, and new shoes. She is very grateful! Continue reading

Scholarship Donations at Work! “As God has given to you, so you must give to others.”

Colossians 3:13

“First-year University student Anayeli, 17, and her mother came to Casa de los Pobres very worried to ask for help, so she may continue her career at the University. Anayeli lives with her mother, father, and brothers, 15 and 11 years old.  Her father works at a car wash and earns less than the minimum each week.  Her mother cleans houses two days a week earning a few pesos.  These small earnings don’t cover the rent, electricity, water, transportation, or school fees and supplies. Anayeli works half-time as a receptionist earning about 32 pesos a week.  With the help of the Casa, her parents, and her own earnings, Anayeli hopes to continue her education at University, so she can become a Child Psychologist to specialize in disabilities.”   Continue reading

“The kind of fasting that pleases me is sharing your food with the hungry.”

Isaiah 58:6

“She knows she has to do all things as if they are for God.”  

“Thank you for helping us with food and school supplies. My family and I are very grateful to the people that make possible this great support. My daughter is very moved to continue to be a better person, student, and good citizen. She knows she has to do all things as if they are for God. The rewards always come from heaven and they are manifested through people like you, of good heart.”  Sincerely Ralf and Liria, parents to Isis.  

What if this was your life?

Continue reading

2016 Christmas Distribution to 1500 Families in Tijuana, Mexico

Fifteen hundred families came via many bus lines or on foot from the hills and dumps to attend an early morning Mass. Some even arrived the night before and camped out in the street. 

A breakfast of cocoa and hot cinnamon buns was served to those waiting in line to receive the gifts. Humble men and women stood in line for hours to receive a chicken, a bag of beans, rice, oatmeal, sugar, tuna, canned milk, and fruit, along with a new blanket.  They were thrilled and grateful to receive this food and the other gifts, including shoes for the children.

Christmas Distribution at the Casa

The mission of the Casa is to glorify God through the works of mercy. The people did indeed glorify God and the Holy Family by their thankfulness and joy as they happily received their food, blankets, and a toy or a ball. The patio was decorated for Christmas, and a live Manger scene was created by bringing two or three animals from the City of Mercy Mental Hospital in Rosarita Beach. Continue reading

Jesus is the Face of the Poor

Those who were helped with your Christmas gifts have nothing. They live in the dumps on windy hills, have no running water, and electricity is scarce. Men, women, and children suffer from malnutrition and lung diseases caused by the continual breathing of polluted burning garbage fumes.  They are people like Maria . . .  Stories of the Casa

“Maria, a single mother of 34, and her four children are new to the Casa. The Sisters are helping them with food and medical assistance. Maria’s twin daughters, now age 5, were born premature. As they started kindergarten, the teachers noticed the girls were in need of medical care because of epilepsy, developmental, neurological, and vision problems.

One of the twins needs glasses and orthopedic shoes to help her walk. The other twin suffers from shingles in different parts of her little body, but the mother does not have money to buy medicines.  Continue reading

“Today and always, the poor are the privileged recipients of the Gospel.”

Pope Benedict, Emeritus


The Sisters pray that we 4-kids-with-blanket-1collect enough money to provide a special CHRISTMAS BAG of food along with a blanket for 1500 of the most helpless families.  The Sisters attended Masses at All Hallows Church on November 26-27 to meet with the people. We need increased cash and food donations for the poor families who live in the dumps of Tijuana, Mexico, just 40 miles from our warm homes. In the Franciscan Spirit, Sister Armida believes with all of her heart that “GOD WILL PROVIDE.”    Continue reading