Bodega Day

Bodega Day

Every Thursday at the Casa is “Bodega (Grocery) Day.”  Families obtain a ticket from the Social Service office, and bring a bag to fill.

In many cases, this bag of groceries may be all the food the family has for the week.

The families typically receive:

  • A kilo of beans
  • bodegaday22 or 3 loaves of day-old bread
  • Rice
  • Miscellaneous cans of food, depending on what’s been donated
  • Maybe small potatoes or squash
  • Backyard fruit that’s been donated

It’s a treat for the visitors to the Casa to receive fresh fruits and vegetables!






Please help us feed the poor of Tijuana on Bodega Day each week!

  1. Please send your donation to:  Casa de Los Pobres USA, c/o Pat Erzinger, 6432 Cardeno Drive, La Jolla, Ca  92037
  2. NEW!  Donate ONLINE by credit card or PayPal!
  3. Questions:  Pat 858-551-9245 or Jackie 858-412-5544

Casa De Los Pobres, U.S.A.      Tax ID #45-0514951


17 thoughts on “Bodega Day

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  3. Thank you Lourdes for asking! Yes, we gratefully accept food donations at 6432 Cardeno Drive, La Jolla 92037. Any unexpired canned goods (including beans, tuna, spam, canned milk), peanut butter, oatmeal, sugar, flour, rice, and any extra backyard fruit are always welcome. The truck comes from the Casa every Tuesday (except in August) for pickup.

  4. Hello, I would like to donate food. I was wondering if I can drop it off in La Jolla location. Thank you, Lourdes

  5. Gracias por su interés en ser voluntario para la Casa ti. Las comidas se sirven de lunes a viernes, y la clínica está abierta durante la semana, junto con otros servicios. Los voluntarios son bienvenidos para ayudar de lunes a viernes.

  6. Hola me puede dar informacion sobre como podemos participar de voluntarios algun sabado ????

    Gracias !

  7. Nayeli, thank you for contacting the Casa de Los Pobres USA. The Casa de los Pobres in Tijuana will reopen on September 1, as it is closed for cleaning and repairs during the month of August. The address of the Casa in Tijuana is: Calle Genova 6511 Col Altamira, C.P 2205 Tijuana, B.C. Mexico. The Casa is located on the top of 10th AVe., and is not very far from the border. The Casa serves a hearty breakfast Monday through Friday (except in August). A bag of groceries may be available on Thursdays (except in August) which is Bodega Day. Please visit the Casa on September 1, and talk to the Social Service Office about qualifying for assistance.

  8. i am a mother of 5 kids live in tijuana and im looking for food pantry or any program that help low income families

  9. Thank you for asking! It is difficult to take clothing across the border, but we are able to transport some in the trunks of private cars. We can accept women’s warm jackets and sweaters, but no other women’s clothing.

    All clothing must be clean, ironed, and folded as flat as possible to be transported in the trunks of private cars. Thank you for keeping the needs of the people of the Casa in your thoughts.

  10. Dear Elizabeth,

    Thank you for your kind inquiry about used women’s clothing for the Casa. If you are willing to take the clothes to the Casa yourself that will present no problem and would be wonderful. Be sure to put them in the trunk of your car. The Casa truck comes to my home each Tuesday to pick up donations of food, blankets, school supplies, etc. We are unable to take used clothing across the border in the truck as the Mexican guards do not allow this. The Casa is closed on Sunday so that would not be a good day for you to go. We appreciate your thinking of the Casa.

    Blessings to you, Pat Erzinger

  11. Hello,
    I live in Los Angeles CA. I would like to donate my use clothes. I read on a earlier comment that you can only accept sweaters and jackets. Is this correct? I don’t have many of those. I’m willing to make a trip to Tijuana to drop the stuff of, which consists of skirts, jeans, long sleeves shirts, blouses, dresses, sweaters, shorts and one jacket. All these items are in good condition. Please advise.

  12. Hola Martin, Gracias por su pregunta. Usted puede donar cualquier día de ropa en Tijuana en la Casa , o cualquier día en la recepción de boletas de La Jolla (6432 Cardeno Drive, La Jolla, Ca 92037). Ropa las únicas mujeres que podemos aceptar es : chaquetas de abrigo y suéteres. Toda la ropa (para La Jolla) debe estar limpia, planchada y doblada lo más plana posible.

  13. We will be visiting this Thursday as we arranged with Sister Armida
    Troy Kaji & Marguerita Fa-Kaji
    Daughters Hope & Gemma Fa-Kaji
    Horacio & Priscilla Morin
    And their daughter Emma.
    We look forward to visiting again after 10 years.

  14. The address of the Casa in Tijuana is: Calle Genova 6511 Col Altamira, C.P 2205 Tijuana, B.C. Mexico. The Casa is located on the top of 10th AVe., and is not very far from the border. Bodega Day is every Thursday. The Casa is always closed on Sunday and on Saturday someone is usually there. The Casa is closed during the month of August for a thorough cleaning, repair work and vacations for the Sisters and workers. Sister Armida is usually around to supervise projects. The Convent for the Sisters in around the corner. I hope that this information is helpful.

    Blessings to you, Pat Erzinger

  15. I am in Tijuana every weekend and would like to stop by the location. The website says it is in the Alta Mira neighborhood, but what is tthe pecific address?

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