Stories from the Casa

The Poor of the Casa Face Unimaginable Challenges — Even in Death

A woman named Nelsi A., 56 years of age, died suddenly of heart failure, on April 19, 2013, in her small home next to the Casa de los Pobres.

She lived with her husband who is older in age.  He sits in a wheelchair that he cannot move, as the floor is only dirt.

Nelsi came to the Casa for Bodega Day every week to get her food, and often she asked for her medicines for diabetes in the clinic.  She came everyday for breakfast, and took some to her husband.  Every Monday in our dining room, we give a banana at breakfast, all peeled. Nelsi came all the time to the Casa to collect the banana husks to use them to mix with dirt for the little plants that she had, and that she cared for to sell to get money.

When we learned she had died, we tried to find out where her body was.  The officials took her to the proper place after death for arrangements. Since there is no family around, she was going to be buried in the common place for the unknown.

Our Sisters have been dealing with the various people and offices so we can obtain the body to give her a Christian burial.

It has been very difficult, since there is no identification found by her husband at home. We keep trying and hoping for an acceptable identification.  Please pray that we do find it.

Sister Armida

Those Helped by the Casa Give Back

Enedina and Leonor Gonzales brought a symbolic donation for Casa de los Pobres.  They said when they arrived in Tijuana, they came to the Casa to eat and started to learn how to write. They are giving the donation with pleasure and gratitude.  Thank you!