Jesus is the Face of the Poor

“To all the persons that make possible that many of us have a plate of food. I live withChildren wearing scarves and hats my husband who injured his back from a fall 2 years ago. I suffer diabetes. I need to work, so I make flour tortillas to sell so I can earn to pay rent, water, and electricity. The groceries we get from the Casa de los Pobres is a great help, and if you could give us tennis shoes, it helps me to come to get my weekly food. Many thanks and may God bless each of you.”  Maria M.

How can you help?

Special needs for this month are:

  • Vitamin C tabs, Tylenol 500mg, and other unexpired medicines and vitamins (cough medicine, children’s cold medicine, daily vitamins)
  • Newborn and adult pampers
  • Canned tuna, canned milk, canned spaghetti sauce/pasta, canned tomato sauce and other canned, dried, or boxed foods  (unexpired)
  • Beans, rice in 10 or 20 lb packages
  • New clothing and shoes (sorry: we can’t accept any used clothing or shoes.)
  • Hygenic and cleaning supplies
  • New towels and sheets, blankets, sleeping bags, tarps

NEW LOCATION! These donations may be dropped off Monday-Friday, 8 am – 4:00 pm at St. Brigid’s Parish Office, 4735 Cass Street, San Diego, CA 92109. Please put your donations in WHITE plastic bags marked “CASA”. Thank you!

THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUING SUPPORT. Please pray for the people and the Sisters. The impoverished men, women, and children who come to the Casa are grateful and feel your loving care. Without YOU, they would not celebrate such a Happy and warm Christmas. Sister Armida relies on “God to Provide.” HE surely does through your open hearts.

Christmas at the Casa

Family in front of manger sceneYour donations will help provide a chicken and a special bag of groceries for 1500 of the poorest families, along with the precious gift of a new blanket. Plus, Caroline Kelner and her energetic team packaged thousands and thousands of bags of Halloween candy for distribution, along with dental supplies for the children.

The Christmas gift of food, a blanket, and a toy at Christmas is all that many families have to brighten the Holidays. Those who receive the Christmas gifts live in the dumps on windy hills, have no running water, electricity is scarce and often provided via extension cords strung from house to house. “Bathrooms” are crude. Men, women, and children suffer from malnutrition and diseases caused by breathing burning garbage fumes. This is third-world living on our doorstep.

We will comfort them with a Happy Christmas feast! May God bless you for your generous donations to help our brothers and sisters in the slums of Tijuana during this holy season of Advent. We are thankful to those wonderful people who have made a Christmas donation this year, as well as all of you who support the Casa month after month. The comfort and basic needs provided by the Casa would not be possible without you!

We received other large donations of food, socks, blankets, and tarps from several2 girls with toys individuals. We are thankful for so many wonderful gifts. The people of the Casa and the Sisters pray each day for your intentions.

Receipts are available upon request. Everything is tax-dedudtible. We have virtually no overhead; 100% of your donations (minus minimal PayPal and credit card fees) go directly to the Sisters in Tijuana for the poor. No one who comes to the Casa is ever turned away.

We thank God for your goodness and wish you a Blessed Christmas and a Holy New Year.

“Come, Lord Jesus, come. We need you. Make us feel the desire to pray and the need to love.” Pope Francis

“Whoever has a bountiful eye will be blessed, for he shares his bread with the poor.” – Proverbs 22:9

The people would like to let you know how much this helps means to them. Julieta A. woman and her sonwrites . . . “I am very grateful for the great help you have given to me. I live with my son who has autism. Despite this, he tries to help me in ways he can such as watching a small place rented for parking a car. Before, my brother was watching for us and gave us some money for food, but unfortunately for our family, COVID took him away from us as he was a doctor. By a friend, I was able to learn about this place  Casa de Los Pobres, and so to have some food, something I am so grateful for. I suffer high blood pressure, and it is difficult for me to get a job, but I try as I can. I felt lost as my son and me sometimes we did not have any food some days. We need to pay rent, we have been without electricity for months. It is so hard, I was disoriented, how to keep going, but you have given me hope. I feel blessed for all.” Continue reading

“Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2

“Today I want to thank all the people who have contributed in a significant way to my

high school girl with school supplies

studies. I’m infinitely grateful for the help provided by all the members of Casa de los Pobres and those external people who also collaborate with financial and material support. This financial support that is provided has been destined for the payment of school fees, transportation, or material that is required for some subjects. Having said the above, one again I thank each one of you, because without that support, it is likely that the circumstances would be different and the money allocated to my studies would not be enough for my academic needs. I sincerely hope that eveything they have given is rewarded, that they are cared for and protected at all times.” Mariana Continue reading

“Let all that you do be done in love.” 1 Corinthians 16:14

Thank you for continuing to support the Casa in these difficult financial times. Along withgirl with new shoes the food, clothing, and services provided to the poor and destitute of Tijuana, the Casa has been helping deserving students through scholarships.

These students would not be able to attend school without this financial aid, and they are very grateful to all of you.

The sentiment below is repeated many times from students who have been given a chance to change their lives for the better. Your Adopt-A Student donations make all of this possible . . . Continue reading

“If you pour yourself out for the hungry . . . then shall your light rise in the darkness.” Isaiah 58-10

Margarita V writes, “Hola, my name is Margarita V. I have 3 children. Gilberto works inFamily of 3 children a grain store, Ramiro attends high school, and Roxana is in secondary school. I do not have a stable work because I do not have much studies, I only finished elementary school. I take care of 2 children two or three days a week and I clean houses sometimes. We are so so very grateful for the groceries we receive on Thursdays and sometimes, we receive other surprises such as hygiene supplies, blankets, shoes, or house supplies. And we enjoy breakfast. Thanks to the Sisters and to all the persons who support this mission. May God shower you all with blessings. I send you a flower of love.” Continue reading

“The King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’.”Matthew 25:40

4 kids in blanketsHello, my name is Teresa. I live with my husband and 5 grandchildren, and I take care of them. I write this letter mainly and first of all, to thank God for the existence of this community, Casa de los Pobres. It’s where people receive help, people get food, groceries, and medical care. I also thank God for everyone who works here everyday and helps to cook the food, to serve it, and help to distribute the groceries. And for  every person who fills out our pass in Social Services, to all the doctors that collaborate with their services and to the Sisters who also give their time to help us.May God bless them all and give them much strength and health and well-being to everyone who also work in so many different ways in this community.Continue reading

“Give as alms those things that are within, and behold, everything is clean for you.” Luke 11:41

Can you help us prepare a million meals on June 10-12 in San Diego? (Or see what the Casa specifically needs below . . .)

3000 volunteers (and $250,000 in donations to pay for the food) are needed at 

Cathedral Catholic High School to set up on Friday, prepare meals on Saturday, and tear down on Sunday. The Casa de Los Pobres is one of the organizations that will receive the prepared meals. Sign up to help or donate:

Help with the Million Meal Event

Your donations to the Casa help the poor in so many different ways. Many of these people write notes of thanks . . .

“My name is Juana. I am single mother and I have cancer. I thank you for the support you send to me (food) through my friend. I and my family are very grateful, especially because I cannot go. Blessings to all the persons who read this note. Thanks.” Continue reading

“They only asked us to remember the poor — the very thing I also was eager to do.” Galatians 2:10

“My name is Delia. I give thanks to Casa de los Pobres and benefactors as it is throughtwo moms you all each week I receive breakfast and groceries to take home, for me so much needed. I also have received blankets and shoes and tarp to cover my place as water came in. I am fortunate that this place and people still exist and think about the poor. It was very difficult during pandemia to have a job at least for 2 or 3 days. I thank God with all my heart, may He give you many blessings.” Continue reading

“Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God”

Small child in Tijuana“My name is Virginia N. I have 37 years. I am a single mother and have two daughters,   Julian, 12 years, and a four-year-old. I am a person with little resources and need to support them and pay for school supplies, and take care of my father who is 83 years old. For him, I need a wheelchair if possible, please, as it is hard for me to transport him to doctors appointments. I need tennis shoes, tarps for my roof please, and may God bless you always. Many many thanks.”

Blankets and Staple Foods are Needed Now

Continue reading